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Massage Therapist Relieves Bodybuilder’s Shoulder Pain in 1 Visit!

Massage Therapist Relieves Bodybuilder’s Shoulder Pain in 1 Visit!
March 3, 2017 Phillip Snell

“31 y.o. power lifter/bodybuilder with c/o mid thoracic, periscapular, upper trap and cervical pain. SFMA top tier and C-sp & MSE (DP/DN) b/o points to mobility issues in the C-T spine. Soft tissue mobs and active t-sp mobility exercise were helpful and revealing to the client but residual pain persisted. …Performed some fairly aggressive DTM with cups … followed by active arm/head movement with the cups attached. It took several rounds, but his pain progressively diminished to near zero. What the heck is going on here??

Allen Rubin – Bodyworker, Phoenix, AZ

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