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Introduction of Dermal Traction Method. Starting 2018 with a Name Change.

Introduction of Dermal Traction Method. Starting 2018 with a Name Change.
January 19, 2018 Justin Dean

Introduction of Dermal Traction Method. 

Yankawaypain has now officially been distributing the content for a year.During this time we have received wonderful feedbacks from both patients, doctors and coaches about the effectiveness as well as the easy application of the method.
This ranges from chronic pain patients that couldn’t get of out a chair, to Olympic gold medalists. See previous blog case study.

Our goal of this method was to create a manual therapy “Plugin” that could be quickly applied to any clinicians current system or self applied by patients as homecare. Similar to the way that a la cross ball is used prior or post workout.

It’s common thought to compress and smash tender, tight or painful areas with a la-cross ball. Indeed that may be helpful, but after repeated weeks to months of doing so it may make more sense to “create space” for cutaneous nerves. Crushing the living hell out of them may not be the way to go.

Name change going into 2018. The Birth of Dermal Traction Method.

Yankawaypain is officially changing it’s name to Dermal Traction Method. This name change is an effort to reach a larger crowd outside Dr. Snell’s and Dr. Dean’s circle of influence. The name YAP seemed to be limiting it’s expansion. The number one goal of YAP (now DTM) is to spread this highly effective and easy to learn technique to as many people as possible.

Light Hearted Spirit Endures!!

Yankawaypain (YAP) was named as such to keep the method fun, light hearted and keep the process about results. In short we wanted to prevent the dogmatism that’s generally associated with techniques and keep an N=1 mentality when it comes to patient care.

To keep the light hearted nature we still have a corny 3 letter sexy acronym and no it doesn’t include the world “neuro”.

DTM===Dermal Traction Method.

So let me ask you……..are you “Down To Move”.

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