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These Unbelievably Low-Calorie Massage Cups Will Make You a Better Person!

These Unbelievably Low-Calorie Massage Cups Will Make You a Better Person!
February 22, 2017 Phillip Snell

So you want to know where you can find those cool flexible massage cups we use in some DTM applications? OK, let me start with this: The cups are nothing special. They don’t have magical qualities, their placement is not on mystical meridian points, they are there to help you get a grip…literally. To further help in your grip acquisition, and before I tell you where to find those cups, let’s talk about attribution.

There’s a body of research in the psychology field on attribution. Those buzzwords “locus of control” are from this realm of investigation. Bernard Weiner is attributed (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the development of attribution theory. Of  interest to us are the 2 types of attribution…internal and external. In the case of the cups, they can be seen as an external attribution if you talk them up as the secret sauce to your treatment. Incidentally, that also makes you an external attribution as the special person who makes someone better. While this might be a good way to con people into needing more special sauce from a special person so that you can get more money from those people, I would encourage a different behavior.


Help teach people to help themselves. Give them an internal attribution for their improvement and they will more likely follow through with it. There is no shortage of human pain and misery in the world, so you don’t need that scarcity model in your brain. Just be compassionate and help people. The cool thing is that they will see you as someone formative, special for being trustworthy, special for connecting with them and helping them find a way to reach the goals they have on a very deep level. Connect with them to learn how their pain is hampering their ability to reach those goals and walk with them on that path. It’s about integrity. People talk about that and refer others to you, because sadly that type of ethical behavior is odd in the world. At the end of the day, it’s good business and it’s good for business.

So, you wanted to know where to find the cups we use? I got ’em on Amazon at this link.

Get your “squeezy jams” here.

I don’t know who is benefiting from your purchase on the other end of that link and make no profit from that referred link. I just ask that if you use them on someone and see that they are lapsing into external attribution, turn their lens inward and show them how to use those little “squeezy jams” as one of my patients calls them, to help themselves reach their real goals. Be well.

Dr. Phillip Snell

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