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Treatment Options for Painful Overhead Movements. Lateral Pectoral Nerve

Treatment Options for Painful Overhead Movements. Lateral Pectoral Nerve
January 31, 2018 Justin Dean

It’s common  in clinical practice that a patient has pain, pinching sensation or “impingement” in the front of the shoulder. This is particularly true with heavy overhead loading, military presses or prolonged activities such painting a ceiling.

Video below shows the Dermal Traction Method (DTM) with a patient that was having difficulty doing heavy overhead presses. Pain on in the front of the should over the bicep tendon insertion region.

Orthopedic testing for “Impingement Syndrome” were negative. Neurodynamic tests were negative and didn’t reproduce symptoms. Cervical spine was screened and ruled out.

You can see in the video that we had to put a Boomstick stick in her hands before symptoms were reliable provoked. Unweighted was non provocative.

DMT examine to the suprascapular nerve and Erb’s point was not effective. Moving in to the superficial fascia of the subclavicular fossa nearly relieved the pain! This process was repeated 10×3 times and symptoms were no longer present with follow up 2 weeks later. Her home care was to mobilize the area before and after workouts daily as long a symptoms persisted.


Pleasure sharing issues with tissues,

Dr. Justin Dean


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