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DTM in the Management of a Chinese Olympic Weightlifting World Champion

DTM in the Management of a Chinese Olympic Weightlifting World Champion
February 25, 2017 Phillip Snell

ADDENDUM: DTM was previously known as YAP. In 2018, a name change was in order. Pardon the confusion, but in the video, think of references to YAP as DTM.

In a country where Olympic weightlifting records are regularly set, and where Olympic lifters are recognized on the street in public, Li Yajun is a special lifter. In 2013, she broke onto the world stage by winning the World Championships of Weightlifting and earned a bronze in the same competition in 2014. In the Chinese National Championships in April 2016 she earned a berth to the the Rio Olympics. All eyes were on her at those Olympic games where she was favored to win gold. Disappointingly, in a controversial scoring for her first 123kg clean and jerk, one judge was not convinced that she was able to fully extend her left elbow on the lift. Miscommunication about that scoring and failure to complete  the subsequent 2 attempts at 126kg, resulted in a disappointing Olympics. While she did set a new Olympic record in the snatch at 101kg, in the video at this link, at 0:43, note the overhead position as seen from above.

What follows is an account of Dr. Justin Dean’s interaction with Li after he was requested to evaluate her while he was in China working with Chinese Olympic sprinting hopefuls. Li is currently in preparation for the next Olympic games in Tokyo.


This elite Olympic lifter had a primary complaint of low back pain that began in 2008 doing a clean and jerk during a competition. Pain was intermittent in nature and rated as a 5/10 on an oral pain scale. She also had a secondary complaint of left shoulder pain and difficultly locking the top of the overhead lifts. Pain in low back was located 1cm lateral the the PSIS. Pain was described as sharp and occurred during deadlift, and clean and jerk and overhead squatting.

**Please note: The video references the old name for DTM, YAP. Same material, different name.

Physical exam findings slump test, SLR and with differentiation was negative. Farfan’s torsion test, Laslette’s test cluster for SI pain was 0/5. Multisegmental trunk ROM was WNL for all cardinal field of motion with extension recreating chief complaint.  L4-S1 motor testing was +5/5 throughout. No Directional preference was found with repeated end range loading via McKenzie protocols.  Shoulder orthopedic tests for Labrum, subacromial impingement and instability negative. Skin rolling over the left flank was asymmetrically tender and reproduced patients’ exact low back with lifting. Dermal tractioning with movement (DTM) with extension loading patterns gave lifter complete resolution of symptoms in low back when retesting overhead squatting. 2 week follow up and athletes reports continued complete resolution of symptoms.


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  • Dan Swinscoe, Physical Therapist"I DTM'd for the first time today and it was pretty awesome. Thanks for going to the trouble to share this cool tool"
  • Allen Rubin, LMT-Bodyworker"Plugging in some DTM over superior cluneal and iliohypogastric neurology for long standing, diffuse SIJ and lat. hip pain. Client reported decreases in pain and demonstrated increased E/ROM. Instructed how to use DTM at home with guidance from the DTM website."
  • Deej Goldstn, Chiropractic Physician"Pt. came in months ago with chronic medial ankle pain of 2 years duration aggravated with running. Had been treated for years by DCs doing mostly soft tissue and diversified manipulation with some cold laser. 2 sessions of DTM (dynamic cupping) ...(along with at-home nerve flossing techniques) resolved pain completely. Saw the patient again recently and still no pain. Score one for team DTM!"
  • Marc Heller, Chiropractic Physician"A novel approach to nerve pain. A wonderful addition to our manual toolbox, and a great new self care model Thanks to Phillip Snell and Justin Dean!"
  • Alexander Sundin-Chiropractic Physician"Tried the low back protocols for a chronic low back pain patient , following DTM-ing him, he stood up and for the first time and had no pain. Very cool stuff Phillip Snell and Justin Dean. Excited to see where else I can implement it. THANK YOU!"
  • Patrick Muller, Doctor of Physical Therapy"DTM'd a co workers shoulder with complaints of 8 years of pain when overhead AROM completed and was able to active lift into flexion immediately without any pain. Cool stuff. Thanks for the content and looking forward to more."

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