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  • Oct192019

    Change in Subscription Fees-Welcome to Lifetime Membership

    $349.00. As of October 19, 2019, that’s the new subscription fee to (DTM). However, all previous members have been…

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  • Jan312018

    Treatment Options for Painful Overhead Movements. Lateral Pectoral Nerve

    It’s common  in clinical practice that a patient has pain, pinching sensation or “impingement” in the front of the shoulder.…

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  • Jan292018

    Coccydynia and DTM-CASE STUDY

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  • Mar122017

    Use “Oklahoma” to Address Cluneal Neuralgia

    Here’s another way to address a surprisingly common presentation of low back pain…cluneal neuralgia. Some may recall the blog post on FixYourOwnBack that we recently released. In the “how-to” videos on YAP, you saw a few different ways to address this condition. This one, so-called “Oklahoma” is easily applied while sitting and can be helpful when people have pain when driving, flying or working at the computer.

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  • Mar112017

    How Hard? How Long? How Many Times?-FAQs About DTM/YAP

    Here we answer some common questions for beginning DTMers. These questions relate to the intensity of the application, the duration and the frequency of the application. KEY TAKE HOME MESSAGE: THE BENEFIT YOU GET WILL BE TRANSIENT INITIALLY BUT WITH REPETITIONS, THE RESULTS WILL BE CUMULATIVE!

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  • Feb182017

    Chronic Hamstring Pain and the Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve

    What do you think of when a client or patient says they have “chronic hamstring pain”? In our office, we are “neurocentric”, so we think about the potentially involved neurology first. Then we begin an assessment …

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  • Feb112017

    The Many “Roads to Rome” With Dr. Marc Heller

    DTM member, Marc Heller, DC is a good friend from Ashland, OR who is a regular columnist for DC Online.…

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  • Feb102017

    The Single Best Way to Bring New Clients Into Your Clinical Practice…

    …is not to get better at Facebook ads, giving away your services, or offering Groupon gimmicks. In the weight loss industry you regularly find promises that this new diet, this new supplement, this new workout will burn fat, shred abs and make heads turn on the beach. However, in your gut you know that being more active than you currently are and eating perhaps 200 fewer calories daily than you currently are, is about as sexy and cool as most (not all) people need to get the weight loss goals they want.

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