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The Many “Roads to Rome” With Dr. Marc Heller

The Many “Roads to Rome” With Dr. Marc Heller
February 11, 2017 Phillip Snell

Dr. Marc Heller Chiropractic Physician Ashland, OR

DTM member, Marc Heller, DC is a good friend from Ashland, OR who is a regular columnist for DC Online. If you’re lucky enough to live near Ashland, you can find him in his clinic, Southern Oregon Sports and Spine. A few years ago, some of you may have seen our 3 part collaboration on the so-called “Flexion Intolerant Back”. BTW, spines can and should flex folks, that intolerance ain’t a permanent thing (more on that later). Marc has also been in clinic for over 30 years and has been bird-dogging many of these same principles. Since we don’t claim to hold any absolute view on this developing process we call DTM, we welcome what all of you have to say about what you are seeing or think you are seeing as you work with this model. Let’s share and learn from each other to grow the process.


Dr. Heller has written a couple of posts in DC Online about assessment and  treatment ideas targeting the superficial neuro emanating from the thoracolumbar part of the spine. Many of you will recognize this as an expansion of French MD, Robert Maigne’s work. Please check those articles out at the links below.

Treating Hip & Groin Pain With Abdominal Release of Upper Lumbar Nerve Impingements


How to Find and Fix TL Nerve Impingements


On the membership side of the site, members can view the videos covering some of the ways we have targeted this neuro.

With any luck, we may be able to get an article on DTM on DC Online in the near future. In the meantime, check out Dr. Heller’s articles there for fantastic treatment options. If any of you have any questions or comments about this stuff, chime in below in the COMMENTS area.

Dr. Phillip Snell

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