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  • Oct192019

    We’ve Moved! DTM is now at

    We have moved the DermalTractionMethod course to in order to be able to offer it as a continuing education course to chiropractors! Working in tandem with Solutions Sports and Spine, Inc. we are able to offer 3 hrs of CEUs to US chiropractors in states that allow courses accredited by PACE.

  • Apr302018

    Pain in the Nethers-Conversation About DTM and Pelvic Pain

    This is a live discussion between Dr. Dean and Dr. Snell discussion DTM treatment options for coccydynia, some pelvic pain, upper hamstring, buttock and very high adductor symptoms. This video includes several personal case studies that challenge you to think outside of the box. Key concepts 1) Pudendal nerve only partially innervates areas of the external genitalia. Pudendal branch of the

  • Jan312018

    Treatment Options for Painful Overhead Movements. Lateral Pectoral Nerve

    It’s common  in clinical practice that a patient has pain, pinching sensation or “impingement” in the front of the shoulder. This is particularly true with heavy overhead loading, military presses or prolonged activities such painting a ceiling. Video below shows the Dermal Traction Method (DTM) with a patient that was having difficulty doing heavy overhead presses. Pain on in the

  • Jan292018

    Coccydynia and DTM-CASE STUDY

  • Jan222018

    Dermal Traction Method (DTM) Case Study with Elite Power Lifter Chris Duffin

    This is a case study with a world class power lifter Chris Duffin. This video highlights the thought process of dealing with low back pain, rehabilitation post grade 3 tear, Neurodynamics and Dermal Traction Method (formally YAP).   For more information on the research, thoughts that went into this approach on low back pain visit Chris Duffin manages an

  • Mar112017

    “That pinchy thing has made all the difference.”

    Chiropractic Physician says: Mid-40s spin/barre enthusiast who has been struggling with 10 years of hip discomfort/tightness with a history of multiple hip surgeries. Great in-office results however been struggling with home exercise compliance until a breakthrough last week. Comes in reenergized and excited about finally “doing her homework” yesterday… Me: “What part of your home care do you see the best results with?” Patient: “That pinchy thing has made all the difference.”-MaryAnne Harrington, DC, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Mar112017

    “…We had her deadlifting by the end.”

    Chiropractic Physician says: “…patient with 3+ years of left high hamstring pain, worse with sitting, lunging and forward flexion. Had 2 rounds of prolo with some dry needling mixed in about 6 months ago which seemed to help some, but now it is back full force. Has gradually removed more and more movements from her workouts, does not run anymore. You know what’s next…DTM with varied positions and movement mixed with some non-compressive isometric loading of the hamstring. No pain with MS flexion and we had her deadlifting by the end.“
    -Beau Beard, DC, Birmingham, AL

  • Mar042017

    “Acupuncturist completely blown away…”

    From a Chiropractic Physician: “Patient presents with pain in the medial aspect of the fourth finger after playing guitar. Pain reported to be exacerbated by finger flexion and extension. DTM to the inter-metacarpal region significantly reduced finger pain with flexion and extension. Mulligan-like mobilization to the 4th DIP reduced the remainder of the finger flexion/extension pain. Pending results with guitar playing…This patient is an Acupuncturist and was completely blown away by how much his pain was reduced with DTM to the inter-metacarpal region.”
    –Allie Dash, DC, Portland, OR

  • Mar042017

    “Patient started laughing and couldn’t believe it!”

    Chiropractic Physician says-“49 year old male, suffered fall c3/4 herniation, c6/7 herniation, with bulges all other levels and chronic neck pain and radiculitis to left hand. Cleaned up all the pain and constant radicular symptoms with traction and MDT. Still getting intermittent shooting pain down the hand with forward head flexion, protraction and reaching with left arm (think bending forward while seated to tie a shoe).
    Used DTM on the left shoulder and cervical spine while going through that reaching motion and all symptoms abolished. Patient started laughing and couldn’t believe it.”
    –James Valcarcel, DC, Ormond Beach, FL

  • Mar032017

    DTM in a Crossfitter’s Shoulder

    Chiropractic Physician-“Received a message from a Crossfit athlete I worked on yesterday for shoulder tightness and discomfort. “First day I’ve done jerks in awhile where my shoulders felt open. 20#PR on top of it. Thanks for yesterday!” “-Chad Eldridge, DC, Winter Park, FL

  • Mar032017

    The SI Joint That Wasn’t

    “I had a female patient, late 30’s, chronic right lower back pain, not a lot of luck with prior chiro treatment. She was told her hips were “twisted” and it was a SI issue. I evaluated her and I applied your technique just as you recommended. Guess what? No more pain. I sent her home with the self care exercise you recommended. She was a happy patient when she left.”-Joshua Paloma-Chiropractic Physician, Portland, OR

  • Mar032017

    Massage Therapist Relieves Bodybuilder’s Shoulder Pain in 1 Visit!

    “31 y.o. power lifter/bodybuilder with c/o mid thoracic, periscapular, upper trap and cervical pain. SFMA top tier and C-sp & MSE (DP/DN) b/o points to mobility issues in the C-T spine. Soft tissue mobs and active t-sp mobility exercise were helpful and revealing to the client but residual pain persisted. …Performed some fairly aggressive DTM with cups … followed by active arm/head movement with the cups attached. It took several rounds, but his pain progressively diminished to near zero. What the heck is going on here?? “
    –Allen Rubin – Bodyworker, Phoenix, AZ

  • Mar032017

    Amazing Deal for This Guidance!

    Chiropractic Physician says: “For all those interested, just know DTM WORKS. I’ve had crazy great results with almost every patient I’ve used it on. Yesterday, I completely resolved a patient’s shoulder pain that had bothered him for 8 YEARS in ONE VISIT. This price is an amazing deal for this guidance. Thank you so much Phillip and Justin. I (and my patients) are so indebted to you both. The DTM movement is here, good people. Don’t miss out.”
    -DJ Goldstein,  Portland, OR

  • Mar032017

    Game Changing Technique!

    “I strongly suspect that this is really going to change the game. Self care oriented, neuro-mobilization, thanks again, Phillip Snell and Justin Dean, I strongly suspect that you have added a huge piece to our Body of Work.” -Marc Heller, DC, Chiropractic Physician, Ashland, OR, Columnist-DC Online
    *Please note: Dr. Heller references the old name for DTM, YAP, in this video. Same content, different name.

  • Mar032017

    “I’ll be honest…I was a bit skeptical”

    “Patient went from a 6/10 to 1/10. Taught him how to do the procedure at home… Have been doing multiple other soft tissue modalities, and therapeutic exercise with him, which has helped, but hasn’t given instant results like YAP provided.”-Alexander Sundin-Chiropractic Student

  • Feb252017

    DTM in the Management of a Chinese Olympic Weightlifting World Champion

    In a country where Olympic weightlifting records are regularly set, and where Olympic lifters are recognized on the street in public, Li Yajun is a special lifter. In 2013, she broke onto the world stage…

  • Feb222017

    These Unbelievably Low-Calorie Massage Cups Will Make You a Better Person!

    So you want to know where you can find those cool flexible massage cups we use in some DTM applications? OK, let me start with this: The cups are nothing special. They don’t have magical qualities, their placement is not on mystical meridian points, they are there to help you…

  • Feb182017

    Chronic Hamstring Pain and the Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve

    What do you think of when a client or patient says they have “chronic hamstring pain”? In our office, we are “neurocentric”, so we think about the potentially involved neurology first. Then we begin an assessment …

  • Feb112017

    The Many “Roads to Rome” With Dr. Marc Heller

    DTM member, Marc Heller, DC is a good friend from Ashland, OR who is a regular columnist for DC Online. If you’re lucky enough to live near Ashland, you can find him in his clinic, Southern Oregon Sports and Spine. A few years ago, some of you may have seen our 3 part collaboration on the so-called “Flexion Intolerant Back”.

  • Feb102017

    The Single Best Way to Bring New Clients Into Your Clinical Practice…

    …is not to get better at Facebook ads, giving away your services, or offering Groupon gimmicks. In the weight loss industry you regularly find promises that this new diet, this new supplement, this new workout will burn fat, shred abs and make heads turn on the beach. However, in your gut you know that being more active than you currently are and eating perhaps 200 fewer calories daily than you currently are, is about as sexy and cool as most (not all) people need to get the weight loss goals they want.

  • Dec142016
    Yank Away Head and Neck Pain

    Head and Neck Pain

  • Dec142016
    Yank Away Upper Back Pain

    Upper Back Pain

  • Dec142016
    Yank Away Arm Pain

    Arm Pain

  • Dec142016
    Yank Away Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder Pain

  • Dec112016
    Yank Away Lower Back Pain

    Lower Back Pain

  • Dec112016
    Yank Away Hip Pain

    Hip Pain

  • Dec112016
    Yank Away Abdomen Pain

    Abdominal Pain

  • Dec112016
    Yank Away Leg Pain

    Leg pain

  • Dec112016
    Yank Away Foot Pain

    Foot Pain

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