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Testimonials From DTM Users…

  • Jan222018

    Dermal Traction Method (DTM) Case Study with Elite Power Lifter Chris Duffin

    This is a case study with a world class power lifter Chris Duffin. This video highlights the thought process of dealing with low back pain, rehabilitation post grade 3 tear, Neurodynamics and Dermal Traction Method (formally YAP).   For more information on the research, thoughts that went into this approach on low back pain visit Chris Duffin manages an

  • Feb252017

    DTM in the Management of a Chinese Olympic Weightlifting World Champion

    In a country where Olympic weightlifting records are regularly set, and where Olympic lifters are recognized on the street in public, Li Yajun is a special lifter. In 2013, she broke onto the world stage…

  • Feb222017

    These Unbelievably Low-Calorie Massage Cups Will Make You a Better Person!

    So you want to know where you can find those cool flexible massage cups we use in some DTM applications? OK, let me start with this: The cups are nothing special. They don’t have magical qualities, their placement is not on mystical meridian points, they are there to help you…

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